Orange County Branch Newsletter

July 2012

Annual Awards Nominations

Notification for 2012

The ASCE Orange County Branch invites you and your organization annually to nominate candidates and projects that you believe should be recognized for their exceptional professional engineering performance and qualities.  Any number of applications may be submitted for each of the awards offered.

This is an initial notification to remind you of this annual event, where the awards will be presented at the ASCE Orange County Branch Awards Dinner, that will be held in February 2013.

The electronic application will be coming up soon on the Orange County Branch web site.

The major award and recognition categories are as follows:

Young Engineer of the Year
Civil Engineer of the Year
Engineer of Merit
Government Engineer of the Year
Government Engineer of Merit
Land Development Engineer of the Year
Distinguished Engineering Educator
Excellence in Promotion of Infrastructure
Lifetime Achievement in Civil Engineering
Sustainable project of the year: Public or Private
Project of the Year: Public or Private
Land Development Project of the Year
Project of Merit: Public or Private

The application forms will be ready on the ASCE OC website soon and all applications will need to be submitted electronically. 

The Branch will be looking for sponsors for this event, and any vendors who are interested in having a booth at the event.  For information, please contact Ziad Y. Mazboudi, PE, F.ASCE, Past President and Awards and Nominations Chair, at [email protected], or 949-234-4413

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