Orange County Branch Newsletter

May/June 2016

Younger Member Forum

Anaheim Convention Center Expansion Technical Tour

By: Katie Wood

On a warm Friday afternoon, a group of local Orange County professionals and students gathered at Turner Construction's trailer at the Anaheim Convention Center. In the works was a $162 million expansion of the existing convention center set to incorporate more exhibit halls and more parking. Mauricio Romero, the project manager with Turner Construction, hosted a presentation about the unique challenges that were currently being addressed during this design-build project. One of the challenges was the unconventional layout. At the lowest subsurface level, the first 100,000-square-foot exhibit space existed; interestingly enough, above it was two floors of parking. Lastly, a second 100,000-square-foot exhibit space sat on top of the parking levels. This design was chosen because the bulk of the gigantic 300-foot structural trusses could be hidden in the parking levels. The top floor of exhibit space could then be completely column-free because of the structural support underneath. At the conclusion of the presentation, Romero gave a field tour of the ongoing construction. At this time, work performed included demolition of the existing garage, excavation of the site, geotechnical work including pile and pile cap construction, and concrete work for the new garage.