Orange County Branch Newsletter

July 2012

Seminar Sponsor: Siteops


At our May 1, 2012 continuing education seminar, we invited many software companies to show us their latest and greatest tools that help us as Civil Engineers get our job done. These companies made generous donations to our branch and we'd like their message to reach a larger audience, so over the next few months each of those companies will have the opportunity to share about their products. This month we have SITEOPS from BLUERIDGE Analytics.

During the conceptual design phase of land design, you may have been faced with the familiar dilemma of “What if?” Your clients want answers to questions such as, “What if we move the building here? What if we added another outparcel? What if we choose another site?” Requests like these can take you days, even weeks, to redesign – a major hindrance in the initial, conceptual phase of a project, costing both valuable time and money. And determining preliminary costs for a project in the conceptual phase can be an estimating game until the design plans are finalized.

If you are using SITEOPS, web based design software, none of that is an issue. You can evaluate more information in the early stages of a project, as well as produce conceptual site designs faster. What previously took you days or weeks’ worth of work can now be finished in hours – revisions can be completed on the spot for clients within minutes.

Click here to learn how SITEOPS is helping companies such as Map Limited, a 10-person engineering and land surveying firm, stay competitive and win business during the economic downturn. Using SITEOPS for conceptual site design and budgeting, feasibility testing and 3D client presentation, Map Ltd. landed a $16 million economic development project and was able to push a stalled second $16 million project into the next phase. “Our business is now on track to grow by 30 to 40% over last year’s revenue,” says Pat Fuhrer, PE. and Principal Engineer for Map Ltd. “Thanks to the capabilities we now have with SITEOPS, our future is looking stronger than ever.” 

The real power of SITEOPS is its cost optimization and grading capabilities during the preliminary phase of site design. It helps you identify the most cost efficient layouts and grading solutions for each site, within user-defined constraints. This enables you and your clients to consider the cost impact of design changes, because the system can generate multiple grading plans with 3D visualizations and budgets in real time. Check out the videos below to see the power of “What If?” as well as a testimonial from one of our users.


SITEOPS is driven by patented, revolutionary technology that combines evolutionary computation, cloud computing, generative design and operations research to power its optimization capabilities. Because it is cloud based, SITEOPS is accessible anywhere at any time via the Internet, adding versatility and usability to its features.

With its latest release of SITEOPS 6, the software provides improved CAD functionality, seen in features such as offset, trim and fillet, as well as increased accuracy in designs. The new release also features 3D Visualization and Advanced Budgeting that includes 3D templates, a SketchUp 3D Warehouse tie-in, custom costs and blocks. Users can now create comprehensive cost reports by assigning costs to items such as sanitary sewage or signage as well as create realistic 3D designs by integrating SketchUp models for powerfully aesthetic client presentations. In addition to these features, users can also create, import and maneuver blocks to increase efficiency and reduce redundant tasks.

“The new features available in SITEOPS 6 will allow our firm to provide clients with accurate, conceptual site designs that are enhanced by 3D visualizations and advanced budgeting,” said Luis Alvarez, Project Designer and BIM Manager for Klassen Corporation, located in Bakersfield, Calif. “Getting our clients to sign on the dotted line just got easier.”

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