Orange County Branch Newsletter

June 2012

K-12 Outreach

Stonegate Elementary School 4th Grade Classroom Visit

By: Karly Ho, K-12 Outreach Committee Co-Chair

On April 27, 2012, a Friday afternoon, the K-12 Outreach Committee volunteers went to Stonegate Elementary School to introduce the 4th grade students to civil engineering.  The volunteers included Andrew Fynaardt, Karly Ho, Grace Lee, Fiona Man, Shervin Shafi, and Scott Walz.  They went to three 4th grade classes to conduct a LEGO shake table activity.  The students had the chance to participate in a hands-on experience by getting into small groups and making LEGO structures.  The students had a chance to work in teams and think critically about how they could build the tallest structure without the structure falling.  Then all of the structures were tested on shake tables.  The shake table activity was followed by questions and answers.  Over 100 4th graders had the opportunity to learn about civil engineering in a fun and exciting way.

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