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December 2013

Annual Awards

ASCE Orange County Branch: Call for Nominations for the 2013 Annual Awards

By Joshua Nelson, P.E.

The ASCE Orange County Branch invites you and your organization to nominate candidates and projects that you believe should be recognized for their exceptional professional engineering performance and qualities. Nomination forms for 2013 are now available online. Please nominate your project or candidate for one of the awards. There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be submitted. All submissions are due by Friday, January 3, 2014 December 27th, 2013 Wednesday, December 11, 2013.

To submit a nomination, visit the Awards page on the website for the electronic application form.  The awards will be presented at the ASCE Orange County Branch Awards Dinner to be held on February 19, 2014.  Our program is designed to honor Orange County ASCE members / distinguished individuals / project teams for their engineering excellence. The nominations will be reviewed by the Awards and Nominations Committee chaired by Joshua Nelson, P.E., Past Past President of the Branch.

The following award types are given out for the projects:

Project of the Year
Project of Merit
Land Development Project of the Year
Sustainable Project of the Year
Sustainable Project of the Year – Public
Sustainable Project of the Year – Private

More than one award can be given in each award type depending on the project category. So we could choose to give out a “Project of Merit – Water Project” as well as a “Project of Merit – Transportation Project.” The following categories are available for your project. Some projects can fall into multiple categories, so you can select all that apply:

Airports & Ports Project
Parks & Recreation Project
Architectural Engineering Project
Roadway & Highway Project
Bikeways & Trails Project
Small Project
Bridge Project
Structural Engineering Project
Community Improvement Project
Sustainable Engineering Project
Construction Project
Transportation Project
Energy Project
Urban or Land Development Project
Environmental Engineering Project
Water Project
Flood Management Project
Water/Wastewater Treatment Project
Geotechnical Project
Historical Renovation Project

For the project nomination form you can also click here:

For the candidate awards, we give out the following award types:

Civil Engineer of Merit
Civil Engineer of the Year
Distinguished Engineering Educator
Excellence in Engineering Journalism
Government Engineer of Merit
Government Engineer of the Year
Land Development Engineer of the Year
Lifetime Achievement in Civil Engineering
Young Engineer of the Year
Outstanding Life Member
Excellence in Promotion of Infrastructure
President’s Award

Newly added awards:

Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Legislative Activities

For the candidate nomination form you can also click here:

Submittal Requirements:


Please note that projects must be located within or partially within Orange County. However, if you have a project outside the County, consider nominating the project manager, project engineer, etc. that worked on the project. Candidates must live and/or work in Orange County.

To submit an award nomination, complete the online application.

Submit applications no later than December 11, 2013. Attach as many additional PDF pages as needed, but please be concise.

Submit To / Questions:

Joshua Nelson, P.E., Awards and Nominations Chair 



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