President's Message - Balance is the Key to Long-Term Happiness and Success

By Jeff Braun, P.E.

Balance is the key to long-term happiness and success. The balance…

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Secretary's Column - Big Shoes to Fill

By Clint Isa, PE

Knowledge transfer is the essence of sustaining and advancing the engineering…

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President's Message - Balance is the Key to Long-Term Happiness and Success

By Jeff Braun, P.E. Balance is the key to long-term happiness and success. The balance that immediately comes to most adults minds is the work-life balance. While this is important, it is not the balance I’m addressing in this message.  We all recognize the drive and hunger in our most successful role models and peers. They appear to never be satisfied with their current state, always looking for opportunities to learn more skills, become more efficient, and design and construct amazing projects to improve our built environment. We may hold these successful and motivated engineers in high regard for advancing our profession, but we must also take time to recognize our own achievements. Read More »

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Secretary's Column - Big Shoes to Fill

By Clint Isa, PE Knowledge transfer is the essence of sustaining and advancing the engineering profession.  As a profession, earlier generations of civil engineers are entering the twilights of their careers, careers that began on one side of the technological revolution and are ending on the other.  They carry with them not just a wealth of advanced technical knowledge, but a way of thinking about problems that likely differs from those of us whose careers have been largely supported by sophisticated computer programs.  I think that, oftentimes, younger engineers (myself included) are eager to solve complex problems with complex solutions because the technology affords us the ability to do so.  What gets lost, and what earlier generations of engineers have, is the perspective of how to provide simple, yet elegant, solutions to complicated problems. Read More »

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New Members - November 2017

Please join the Board of Directors in welcoming the newest members to ASCE OC! We look forward to getting to know you and hope to see you at an upcoming meeting. Read More »

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ASCE Los Angeles Section Awards

Congratulations to this year's award winners from Orange County that advanced to receive awards from ASCE Los Angeles Section. Read More »

2017 OC Branch Awards Nominations - Notification

The ASCE Orange County Branch invites you and your organization to nominate projects and individuals that you believe should be recognized for their professional engineering achievements. Read More »

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ASCE OC YMF Mentorship Program Speed Interview Event

By Paul Gabot The goal of the Mentorship Program is to pair an experienced civil engineer with a young civil engineer. The Mentor would be able to share their wisdom and experience from their career with their Protégé and the Protégé would be able to ask questions and seek guidance from their Mentor.  Read More »

ASCE OC YMF Mentorship Program Kick-Off Event

By Marlo Maynigo, E.I.T. The 2017-2018 ASCE OC Mentorship Program kicked off in excellent fashion on October 12, 2017.  Fourteen protégés were paired with fourteen mentors that spanned many different disciplines under civil engineering, such as structural, transportation, environmental, and water resources.  Read More »

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ASCE OC YMF Member Hosts Local Charity, Pump It Up For Platelets 5K, Raises $10,000

By Ryan Hankes This September we were able to support one of our very own YMF members in her charity 5k walk, Pump It Up For Platelets. Melissa Hilsabeck has been involved in OC YMF for about two years with her main involvement being the Mentorship Co-Chair for the year of 2016-2017. This fantastic event was able to raise over $10,000 this year! Read More »

ASCE OC YMF - Understanding the Legal Aspects of Civil Engineering November

By Chuck Karunathilake and Melissa Hilsabeck OC YMF was proud to host the panel ‘Understanding the Legal Aspects of Civil Engineering’ on Tuesday, September 26th. This informative event brought 5 speakers and 35+ attendees together to bring awareness to the legal side of civil engineering. The speakers included Evan Grant (AECOM), Creighton Sebra (Clark Hill PLC), Todd Graham (KPFF), Azzam Saad (OC 405 Partners), and Stavros Chrysovergis (SPC Geotechnical). Read More »

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ASCE OC YMF Attends LA Galaxy Soccer Game

By Nestor Godinez, P.E. Every now and then it is great to catch a professional sports game at stadium and just cheer and have a good time with friends.  On Saturday September 16 OC YMF hosted an outing at the Stub Hub Center in Carson to catch a Major League Soccer game between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Toronto FC.   Read More »

ASCE OC YMF Halloween Bar Crawl 2017

By Nestor Godinez, P.E. The ASCE Orange County Younger Member Forum hosts General Meetings every month as a casual opportunity for attendees to get to know each other and network. For October OC YMF hosted the popular Halloween costume bar crawl in Downtown Fullerton on Friday, October 20th.  Read More »

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Mobility 21 Southern California Transportation Summit: Transforming California

By Juliet Su, P.E. This year, more than 1,200 transportation, business and elected leaders convened at the Disneyland Hotel for the 16th annual Mobility 21 Southern California Transportation Summit. Under the expert direction of Jenny Larios, Mobility 21’s Executive Director, and Kristin Slocum, Mobility 21’s Director of Operations and Communications, and with the assistance of over 60 volunteers (including ASCE volunteers) helping to plan, setup, and orchestrate the event, Mobility 21 put on another spectacular event. Read More »

Law and CE News - New California Hiring Laws

By Collins Collins Muir + Stewart LLP On October 12, 2017, Governor Brown amended Labor Code section 432.3 to prevent questions about an applicant’s salary history. The ostensible purpose is to prevent the perpetuation of discrimination based on race or gender in pay and to push employers to offer salaries based on market value.   The new law therefore prohibits all Californian employers, including state and local governments, from seeking information about an applicant’s prior salary, compensation, or benefits. This means employers cannot ask for an applicant’s prior salary or use information about an applicant’s such salary in the hiring process. While the law does not prohibit an applicant from voluntarily disclosing salary history or related information, the employer may not consider or rely on that voluntary disclosure in determining salary or whether to make an offer.    Read More »

Orange County Engineering Council (OCEC) - Leaders' Forum

The Orange County Engineering Council is proud to announce our upcoming 2017 Leaders' Forum Please join us as we discuss sustainability in a broad range of engineering disciplines through a panel session with key experts in their respective fields. The purpose of this year’s Leaders’ Forum is to address cross-disciplinary sustainability opportunities in Aerospace, Transportation, Architectural, Computer, and Environmental Engineering; and to explore related collaboration avenues within Southern California for local companies, universities, professional societies, government agencies and the OCEC.  Now Featuring ASCE's own Elizabeth Ruedas! Read More »

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