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I recently had to attend at work a workshop on Ethics in the workplace, as mandated by Assembly Bill AB1234. Some of the issues covered seemed to me that they were just common sense, but the attorney giving the workshop said that it’s surprising how many people commit actions that are not ethical, sometimes without knowing it.  Some of these actions could cause one to end up in jail.  In general, the training included some principles for public employees that they should abide by.  Some of these principles include: trustworthiness, respect, fairness, responsibility and avoiding the appearance of impropriety.  Among the core topics issues were laws relating to personal financial gain by public servants, bribery, conflict of interest.  The training was great, and I felt even better since I realized that I abide by all the given guidelines.  I always said, that if something doesn’t look right, then it’s better not to do it.  I receive a lot of invitations for luncheons, from consultants, to discuss work related issues.  I accept only if I pay for my meal.  I do not accept gifts from any consultant.  I have had many opportunities for additional employment, but have always refused, as I felt that this would conflict with my employment and that it could interfere with my committed services to my current employer.  Following the workshop, I wondered what is ASCE’s code of ethics for civil engineers at large, working for a private company or public agency.  Well, ASCE sets the bar high as well and covers similar topics.   More »

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