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Living Green, working Green and Being Green

In the past year, the term “Green” has become not just a common household name, but we hear it during professional conferences, at meetings, in magazines, on TV.  It is all about being Green.  Well, what are we really talking about and how does that affect civil engineers.  I started interacting with the “Green” movement, about 10 years ago, as I was reviewing developments for compliance with the NPDES permit, and read for the first time “Start at the Source” booklet, developed by the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Associations, BASMAA.  When everyone was installing catch basin inserts, I was recommending grassy swales, infiltration trenches, more open space, less concrete and asphalt.  Well, low and behold, after 4-5 years of this, we now refer to these as LID, Low Impact Development techniques, and they are environmentally friendly, and recommended by the US Green Building Council, and proposed to be included as a requirement for new developments in the latest draft of the San Diego NPDES permit.  But, it doesn’t stop there for civil engineers, we have to think differently,  More »

Good isn’t Good Enough if it can be Better, Better isn’t Good Enough if it can be Best

I am honored to start my term as your secretary for this coming year.  I am transitioning from being the chair of the legislative committee, where for the past couple of years we have done some excellent work and planted the seeds for future success stories.  The position of secretary will require among other responsibilities commitment to produce a great newsletter and prepare the minutes for all the Board meetings.  I plan on trying to provide you with a quality newsletter, one that you look forward to every month.  I am planning on introducing new regular articles, such as a historical article, about some of Orange County’s historical engineering projects and monuments.  Another regular article I am planning on introducing is: “ Did you ever think you’d be doing this when you went to civil engineering school?”.  This article would describe civil engineers in unusual non civil engineers role, and how studying civil engineering helped them in their current position.  The last new section I am planning on rolling is a photo album in which we will bring to you some interesting engineering structure or project that one of our members have seen on vacation, worked on or just believe the rest of our members would enjoy seeing and reading about.  For this article, I hope to receive many of your photos and comments.   More »

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