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Outreach has its rewards!

The Orange County Branch is looking for members that would like to participate in K-12 Outreach More »

Inspire Future Engineers

When I attend grade school through high school we had architects and electrical engineers come to my schools to talk about opportunities for careers after graduation, and one group that was missing was Civil Engineers. If a Civil Engineer spoke to me before graduation from high school, I would probably not have spent 2.5 years in Junior College trying to figure out what career I should choose for my major.  When the opportunity later came up to help with the ASCE OC Branch’s K-12 program I jumped at it.  I felt compelled to support Civil Engineers going in front of these young students and provide them more choices for their future careers. More »

Younger Member Forum - Career Day at McGarvin Intermediate School

The morning bell rings at 8am as a mess of students rush to their classes in every which way.  On Friday, July 10th, 2011, McGarvin Intermediate School was buzzing with excitement.  Regardless of the fact that it was a Friday or a half day (making each class only half an hour long), the students  came to class eager for Career Day, a day designated to learning about a different career in each class period. More »

OC YMF Shakes Things Up at Stonegate Elementary School in Irvine

On a bright May afternoon, seven members of the Orange County Branch of YMF presented Civil Engineering to a group of about ninety 4th grade students at Stonegate Elementary School in Irvine, California. After coordinating with the interested teachers at the school, the YMF volunteers provided three different 4th grade classes with simple descriptions and explanations to the students of just what the Civil Engineering field is all about.  The volunteers asked the young students to think about all of the different ways that Civil Engineering affects their lives on a daily basis. The students shared various examples, which led to discussions about what it takes to become a Civil Engineer. More »

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