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A Celebration of the OC Branch and All That Was Accomplished

By Steven King, P.E. I look back at 2015 as a celebration for our branch; with individual accomplishments, engineering achievements, advancement of our profession, and the improvements to our community. I thank you for your continued support and dedication to our chapter and our industry. I’m looking forward to ringing in the New Year with the excitement and passion that will make 2016 even better! More »

The Path Forward - Infrastructure Advocacy for the 21st Century in California

By: Ken Bui, PE On October 2nd, ASCE Los Angeles Section hosted the Infrastructure Advocacy Seminar for the members in the Board Room of Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Headquarters.  Nearly a hundred of our members from around Southern California attended the event, which was called “The Path Forward – Infrastructure Advocacy for the 21st Century in California.” More »

Why raise the gas tax, it hasn’t changed in over 20 years?

By: Andrew Easterling Transportation is covered in the news daily. With stories ranging from congested highways to the long term planning of a high-speed rail system, it seems now is a good opportunity to explore how California is approaching transportation spending. More »

LA Section presents Infrastructure Advocacy Seminar

The time is NOW to advocate for infrastructure! Join the ASCE LA Section for "The Path Forward" - Infrastructure Advocacy for the 21st Century in California on Friday, October 2 from 8 am - 3 pm. An excellent legislative advocacy training event is being offered by the Section Government Relations Committee on October 2nd at MTA headquarters (easily accessible by train). Legislative advocacy is critically important to our profession and this training will be invaluable to our members. More »

Time For A New Dialogue With The Public On Infrastructure

By Gary Gilbert, PE, GE The recent loss of a bridge on Interstate 10 is another reminder of the importance in replacing our failing infrastructure.  Every time Caltrans has stated in the past that all the bridges in the state are safe, I have the feeling they are not telling the whole story.  No loss of life occurred with the bridge being washed out, but loosing access to a major transportation corridor in California has a huge impact on the lives of the citizens and the commerce in this state.  I believe we need to start a new dialogue with the public on infrastructure. More »

ASCE Region 9 Legislative Fly-In 2015

By: Elizabeth Ruedas May 13th, 2015 was a particularly eventful day for participants of the ASCE Region 9 Legislative Fly-In. The State Fly-In is an annual event devoted to the education of current and local policy that ASCE supports. Participants have the opportunity to learn about current issues, meet with their local elected officials, make long-lasting connections, and learn about the political process at this intensive one-day program. This year’s talking points included the California Infrastructure Report Card (and mobile application), infrastructure, sustainability, public private partnerships, the high speed rail, STEM, and current legislation. More »

A Look into the 15th Annual Legislative Fly-In to D.C.

ASCE’s 15th annual Legislative Fly-In took place in Washington, D.C. this past March. ASCE members from all over the country visited nearly 250 members of Congress to share the civil engineering perspective on transportation funding and reauthorization, and funding for water resources programs. More »

Federal Advocacy Captains: A New Program from ASCE Government Relations

An exciting new program from ASCE Government Relations, the Federal Advocacy Captains, was recently launched this year.  This new program recruited active ASCE advocates to serve as "citizen lobbyists" and liaisons between ASCE Government Relations staff and their federal elected officials.   More »

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