ASCE Orange County Mentorship Program

Now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 Mentorship Program. Applications due by Friday, August 21, 2020.

Mission Statement:

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Orange County (OC) Mentorship Program pairs young professionals with experienced engineers to best enhance and guide the young professional’s career and maximize their potential.

Vision Statement:

The Vision of the ASCE OC Mentorship Program is to provide invaluable guidance to young professionals to establish and attain their goals while providing a meaningful opportunity to experienced engineers to contribute to the Civil Engineering community.

Mentoring Process:

The Mentoring Process is designed to begin and end within a twelve-month period. The program consists of the following activities

  • Mentor and Protégé enrollment
  • Pairing of Protégés with Mentor
  • Speed Interviews
  • Mentorship Program Kickoff
  • Mentors and Protégés to meet on their own throughout the year
  • Mid-Year Check-In
  • Participants will be encouraged to attend other ASCE OC Events
  • Closing Mentorship Banquet
  • Continuous program feedback
  • Social events for Mentorship participants

Mentor and Protégé Enrollment and Pairing Process:

Members interested in becoming either mentors or protégés are asked to complete the program forms distributed by ASCE Orange County during the application process. Participants are expected to read the entirety of all documents provided prior to the application process.  Enrollment is limited to, and at the discretion of the Mentorship Committee. There are limited opportunities available to participate and not all applicants may be selected to participate. Participants must be members in good standing (actively enrolled) with ASCE to be eligible.


Following the enrollment, the Mentorship Committee will begin the pairing process based on the choices provided by each mentor and protégé participant. The pairs will be made based on several criteria such as program goals, career discipline, development interest, personality, and the Speed Interview event.  The committee will make an effort to pair individuals with their choices, however, no guarantees shall be made.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The roles and responsibilities for mentors and protégé will be unique to every relationship. The goals set between each mentor and protégé will serve as a guide for their relationship.  The following should be considered between mentorship pairs:

  • Desired outcome from the relationship.  What are the goals of this mentoring relationship?
  • Determination of communication techniques.  Multiple and effective means of keeping in touch.  Try to anticipate problems before they may arise.  For example, if the mentor travels often, face-to-face meetings may be harder to schedule than meetings by phone.
  • In-person meetings are highly encouraged between scheduled events Setting time aside to have an effective relationship outside of scheduled events.  How often do we meet?  Where or how will we meet?


Speed Mentoring Event

Once the list of participants is finalized; program participants will be invited to attend the Speed Interview Event.  This event is designed to be a meet and greet which encourages the pairing of compatible mentors and protégés.  This event serves as as a forum to set expectations for the program, provide the necessary tools to start a successful mentor relationship and to answer any questions about successful mentor relationship and to answer any questions about the program. Mentors and protégés will select their top three choices.

Mentorship Kick-off Event

The Kick-off event will announce Mentor/Protégé pairings as well as provide an opportunity for mentors and protégés to get to know each other and start building the framework for their relationship. This will be an ideal time for mentors and protégés to establish their goals for the year. the program. Mentors and protégés will select their top three choices.

Mid-Year Check-In Event

The Mid-Year Check-In will serve as a method to further strengthen relationships built while providing an opportunity for adjustments and evaluation of individual goals set forth during the Kick-Off event.  The event will also assess the effectiveness of the mentorship program, resources, and mentoring relationships.

Closing Mentorship Banquet

This event concludes the program year and provides an opportunity to show appreciation to those who have participated.  This event will be social and will include an opportunity to provide feedback for improving future program years as new mentor and protégé relationships are paired and developed.


Interested in being a mentor or protégé? Click the links below for the 2020-2021 applications.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]!


Check out some photos below from our previous programs!

Mentor and Protege Testimonials

Josue Vaglienty - Mentor

"The ASCE OC Mentorship Program benefits both Mentors and Proteges alike. Proteges benefit from being paired with a professional that can provide advice, insights, and value as well as lend a ear to their top concerns as they navigate through their early careers. Mentors benefit from learning how to practice their active listening skills as well as maintaining two-way communication with their assigned proteges. Both Mentors and Proteges benefit from ASCE OC’s numerous networking and professional development opportunities. Finally, the ASCE OC Mentorship Committee is committed to making the program better every year by constantly evaluating what works and what doesn’t."


Lydia Chun - Protege

"This was my first ever professional mentorship program and I walked in not knowing what to expect. By the end of the program, I walked out three things. The first, greater self-confidence that translated into my workplace and my day to day interactions. The second, newfound perspectives for the various different fields within the industry and their importance. And third, a genuine mentor who loves Asian food as much as I do."


Kevin DuMont - Mentor

"It is a way for both mentor and protégé to grow in our chosen engineering professions, to share experiences of work life balance, to elaborate on office environments, and to build professional relationships.   I have found, through my experience with ASCE, that by teaching and sharing,  I am learning and expanding my own knowledge.  Being able to share my erudition in the greater engineering field not only confirms what I know, but allows me to elaborate on the multitude of engineering subjects.  Engaging with the upcoming generations has also proven a substantial benefit of ASCE because it allows me, as a mentor, to seek to understand to be understood."


Ethan Yuxiang He - Protege

"The mentorship program is wonderful.  It is about personal growth, experience sharing, like a bridge between entry-level and senior engineers.  The most important thing I learn from my mentor, Gary Solsona, is how to build self-worth either in the engineering field or an organization, like ASCE.  To be specific, one can gain more professional development and connections, by contributing more to one’s company or community, and taking more responsibilities.  My mentor emphasizes increasing self-value to me many times, which makes me think deeper and think earlier than others about my career as an entry-level engineer."


Jeremy Squire - Mentor

"I have been involved with the ASCE Mentorship program since inception and have found that being a mentor to apprenticing engineers to be one of the most rewarding ways to give back to the profession that has done so much for me.  As an engineering professional, I feel that we are duty-bound to play a role in the technical and professional development of the next generation of practitioners; this organization provides an opportunity to do just that, with the added benefit of creating lasting friendships.  I encourage more of my colleagues to engage in this type of mentorship relationship and I personally endorse ASCE OC's program.  In particular, this group does a terrific job of being judicious with group members time, it is well organized, and the level of commitment required for the program is easy to fit into a busy work schedule."


Flora Diaz - Protege

"I cannot extend enough gratitude, heartfelt thanks and appreciation to both the committee and my mentor for volunteering their time to the ASCE Mentorship Program. The program was invaluable. The committee kept the group events fun yet extremely informative. My mentor’s years of expertise relayed through the program gave me practical examples of things that I can apply to every day work experiences."

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