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The ASCE Orange County Branch's History and Heritage Committee has since about 1982 been actively seeking and reviewing important Civil Engineering projects that have been constructed in Orange County, California, and that are considered worthy of being nominated as Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks.  Of these projects, twelve have been nominated and have subsequently been awarded Historic Civil Engineering Landmark status.  All of these projects have been honored with the placement of a bronze plaque signifying their status as a Local, State or National ASCE Historic Civil Engineering Landmark; a few of these projects have received multiple recognition plaques due to the size of the project or due to the project having multiple historic points of interest.  Click on a photo above to learn more about the ASCE Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks in Orange County

For a Google Map showing the geographic coordinates of the Branch's Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks, click HERE.

Biographies of ASCE Orange County Branch Past Presidents and Other Prominent Members:

The History and Heritage Committee has, over the years, made an effort to prepare biographies of its Past Presidents and other prominent members, and when possible, Oral History interviews have been recorded and transcribed into permanent reference documents.  The following is the beginning of an effort to place these biographies on this web page for general reading and reference:

Herbert George Osborne (1915 - 1999):

A Biography of H. G. Osborne, P.E. was prepared by  Carl R. Nelson, P.E. in early 2011.  That nine page document follows HERE.

The transcript of an Oral History of George Osborne, recorded by Ms. Lisa Vandorpe on October 18 and November 15, 1996, will be up-loaded to this site in the near future.  It is 63 pages in length.

An article written for the September 2012 O. C. Branch Newsletter also highlighted George Osborne's biography and that article can be read HERE.

ASCE National History and Heritage Newsletters

From time to time, editions of the ASCE National History and Heritage Newsletter will be posted on this web page.  These newsletters contain brief, but interesting articles on National Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks and other Civil Engeering topics of National interest.  The following are links to some of these newsletters:

November 2012, Volume VI, No. 6: Click Here

To learn more about this committee, please read the attached polcies and procedures in the committee files section of this page.  If you are interested in participating in this committee, please contact [email protected]

See Related News below for more details about recent History & Heritage Committee activities.


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History & Heritage Chair
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Phone: 949-246-9970

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Secretary's Column - One of My American Civil Engineer Heroes

In my introductory Secretary’s Column last month, I mentioned that one of my passions is American history.  Most recently, my historical interests have been directed towards the Civil War. So, it came as no surprise to my family last year when I started planning a trip back east to Virginia and Pennsylvania, with our entire itinerary centered around visiting historic Civil War sites. Visiting each of these historic locations was like a pilgrimage, where I saw the history that I had been studying come to life before my eyes.  But our trip to Gettysburg was particularly inspiring to me, for it was during this trip that I learned about a little known, but great Union leader who played an instrumental role in winning this historic battle by implementing his civil engineering know-how to successfully defend his position.  

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Final President's Message and Incoming Board

As I conclude my Presidency, I’m very excited to announce our upcoming FY 2020-2021 Board who will continue to build upon what we’ve been able to accomplish during this difficult time.

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TCA: Celebrating 20 Years of Keeping People Moving in Southern California

How The Toll Roads came to be the fastest, easiest and most predictable way to get to and through Orange County.

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History and Heritage Night / Student Scholarship Night December 2017

By Jeff Braun, P.E. Civil Engineers from throughout Orange County, and beyond, recognized the contributions of our experienced engineers and the dedication of the upcoming generation at the ASCE Orange County History & Heritage and Student Scholarship Night on November 16, 2017.  Attendees arrived to the red carpet at the Marconi Auto Museum, mingling amongst classic race cars and high-end vehicles. We had a beautiful evening to reconnect with friends, meet new ones, and have a lot of fun.

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The Platinum Rule

By Elizabeth Ruedas, EIT THE PLATINUM RULE "Treat others the way they want to be treated." Although an effective way to get small children to behave, "treat others the way you want to be treated" sets us up to be ineffective communicators in the long run. We know that communication, or the lack thereof, is at the center of all good and bad relationships, whether it be at work or in our personal life. Similarly, we all like to receive information differently and perform best when those needs are met. Therefore, tailoring our message to meet the needs of others will not only help us become effective communicators, but strengthen relationships, improve performance, and minimize conflict. 

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America's Infrastructure

“Our nation and economy can no longer afford to wait to restore and rebuild our nation’s infrastructure." - Norma Jean Mattei, ASCE President By Elizabeth Ruedas, EIT America's infrastructure was a major topic of discussion prior to the recent election and has been brought to the forefront once again after the March 9th release of ASCE's 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. Similarly, it was the major issue discussed in Washington, D.C. during the ASCE Legislative Fly-In earlier this month. Let us vow to keep the discussion going, as our nation, economy and future depend on it!

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