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K-12 Outreach Committee

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Orange County Science & Engineering Fair
ASCE Orange County Branch's (ASCE OC's) K-12 Outreach Committee is working on growing our relationship with the Orange County Science & Engineering Fair (OCSEF) to assist with improving the engineering element of the Science and Engineering Fair.  ASCE OC and OCSEF have a shared objective, which is to educate junior high and high school students about the engineering profession.  Recently, engineering concepts have been added to the curriculum of Orange County schools and teachers are looking for professionals to provide guidance on what topics should be included in the teaching of engineering principals.  One area that ASCE has already discussed with several teachers is to have a project where the student doesn't just develop a thesis and have an end result, but instead come up with a concept and perform several iterations to refine the concept.  The subtle differences between how science is taught and engineering is explained to students could have a significant impact on the students understanding the concepts. » Read More

Samueli Academy Internship Interviews
By: Scott Simpson On May 6th 2016 I attended Samueli Academy High School as a volunteer to interview students for a minimum 45-hour summer internship program with MARRS Services on behalf of ASCE and ACEC youth outreach programs.  The candidates are interested in engineering as a future career. There were several companies there participating. » Read More

Spaghetti Bridge Competition
By: Binod Tiwari, Ph.D., P.E. College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton and the American Society of Civil Engineers, Orange County Branch organized the Second Annual OC Spaghetti Bridge Competition on May 7, 2016 at CSU Fullerton. Three teams, from CSU Fullerton, Saddleback College and Santa Ana College brought their bridges to the competition. Twenty four students and three faculty members were involved in the competition. A spaghetti Bridge, designed and constructed by the students from Saddleback College that weighed 282 grams held 13 kg of the sustained load, won the first place. » Read More

Orange County Spaghetti Bridge Competition 2016
Judges and general volunteers are needed for the annual Orange County Spaghetti Bridge Competition!  » Read More

Samueli Academy Internship Interviews
ASCE members are invited to help interview high school students from the Samueli Academy for placement in summer internships! The internship program places 120 under-served and foster teens in summer internships to provide them career experience in science, technology, engineering, art, and math fields. » Read More

Participates in Science Night
On Friday, February 19th, the K-12 Committee members attended a Science Night at Rancho Canada Elementary in Lake Forest. The event consisted of various stations each with an activity, ranging from planetariums to extracting DNA. 2nd and 3rd graders walked around joining the activities and every time they completed an activity, they would get a stamp on their passport. » Read More

Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition
Just how much can a bridge support, if made of only Popsicle Sticks and Elmer's glue? More than one might think, and that is just one of the many facets to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) Annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition (PSBC). » Read More

Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition
By: Isamar Escobar The Popsicle Stick Bridge competition is an annual event hosted by ASCE’s Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Riverside Younger Member groups. We need help from structural folks to review the rules for next year and come up with some great ideas! Also needed are members to help run the event!  The event is designed for high school students in these areas to develop engineering skills through critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and creativity. We hope you'll volunteer...and/or attend! » Read More

South Junior High
On Friday, January 15, Steven Taylor, Amy Choi, and Gyssela Quinabo introduced civil engineering to Ms. Linh Ho’s 8th grade science classes at South Junior High, in Anaheim. They talked about what a civil engineer does, what the requirements are to become a civil engineer, and the many opportunities within civil engineering. » Read More

By Steven King, P.E. As February rolls in again, there’s no doubt we’re all getting ready for the big game. 2016 is different though, the game is hosted in a structure that has received numerous accolades from architectural and engineering communities in California. The building was designated LEED Platinum and has received awards from the American Institute of Architects, American Institute of Steel, American Public Works Association, US Green Building Council, ENR and ASCE, just to name a few. » Read More

SteppingUp Career Day
By: Amy Choi SteppingUp, a non-profit organization under the Orange County Community Housing Corporation, hosted a career fair for middle school and high school students, as well as, for those looking to go back to school. ASCE YMF was invited to represent the field of engineering. On Saturday, October 17th, Amy Choi spoke with several ambitious middle school students who were eager to learn more about what civil engineers do. » Read More

Orange County Department of Education is seeking volunteers for the Academic Decathlon!
The Orange County Department of Education is seeking volunteers for the Academic Decathlon competition event on January 30, 2016.  Each year they seek to engage educators, business professionals, local university students, and community leaders in interactive volunteer experiences that serve our youth directly. » Read More