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Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI)

2013 Related News

President's Message - Be a Part of an OC Branch Institute or Technical Group
The ASCE OC Branch institutes and technical groups are a vital part of the Branch –these are the groups that drive the advancements of the Civil Engineering profession.  Hear from the ASCE OC President about the active and forming Institutes and Groups in your Branch.  » Read More

EWRI - FEMA’s RiskMap Program
FEMA is currently conducting a comprehensive re-study of the coastal flood hazards along the California coastline.  View the presentation given at the EWRI June meeting about FEMA's RiskMap Program. » Read More

EWRI Congress
Earlier this year the ASCE-OC adopted a local chapter of the Environmental and Water Resource Institute (EWRI) chapter (formerly HHTG). Mujahid Chandoo, as treasurer for EWRI-OC, attended the 2013 EWRI Congress in Cincinnati, Ohio in May. This year’s Congress focused on various environmental and water resource challenges. Topics of discussion included hydraulic fracturing, stormwater technology and nanotechnology applications. » Read More