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I would like to clarify that this nomination is a “Program” versus a “Project”. 
Delivery of a program this magnitude with various entities for eight years is a major undertaking and to complete this program is a huge achievement.
It is a challenge to delivery one railroad crossing let alone seven railroad crossings.

OCTA OC Bridges Program

Project Location:

OC Bridges program involves seven bridges- grade separations along the Orangethorpe Corridor in Orange County.

Project Description:

OC Bridges program, a $663.9 million dollar program designed and built a series of bridges-both underpasses and overpasses to separate vehicles from trains along the Orangethorpe Corridor.
These seven bridges Placentia Ave, Kraemer Blvd., Orangethorpe Ave., Tustin Ave./Rose Drive, Lakeview Ave., State College Blvd., and Raymond Ave., all eliminate the need for vehicles to stop and waste time at railroad crossings as lengthy freight trains pass.

Project Justification:

I am submitting a program versus a project because I believe it is worthy of an award.
A program and project delivery of this magnitude takes tremendous amount of collaboration, cooperation and support from varies entities such as the three cities, Orange County, OCTA staff, CEO and Board Chairs, supporters of Measure M, BNSF, seven design consultants, construction management team and contractors.
This was a major effort which started in 2009 and has taken eight years to complete with a cost of $663.9 million dollars.
The various project locations, the various types of bridges with some bridges on a skew, type of construction method such as top down construction at State College underpass versus bottom up construction at Raymond Avenue underpass, complex utility relocations, right of way and property issues and litigations, construction of pump stations for the underpass, major coordination effort with various entities such as local agencies, contractor, and property owners, and delivery of the project while maintaining traffic and providing access to all property owners.

Special Circumstances:

The OC Bridges program required special relationships and cooperation from the City of Anaheim, City of Fullerton, and City of Placentia along with affected property owners, Orange County, BNSF, local water district and OCTA Board and staff.  Due to the number of entities involved major communication and coordination effort was needed and delivered.
This program used multiple funding source from State, Federal, Measure M2 and other Local funds to delivery these seven projects.
One of the major obstacle to overcome was to obtain collaboration and cooperation from all parties involved, right of way negotiations and handling and minimizing litigation was also a challenge to overcome, coordination of complex utility relocations for all the seven projects were a challenge also managing five construction projects at the same time is very challenging and finally negotiations of change orders and payments with the contractor was challenging when there were setbacks and unexpected incidents at the construction site.
For example, at Lakeview Ave. overpass there was a fire at one of the bridge abutment on a Saturday due to welder error and the work had to be redone which took place on a Sunday the following week so that further delays to construction schedule can be avoided.

Project Attachments:

I wanted to mention all the parties involved in delivery of OC Bridges Program this included Federal Highway Administration, CalTrans, OCTA, Measure M, State of California Transportation Commission, BNSF Railway, City of Fullerton, City of Anaheim, City of Placentia, OCTA project management, and staff, Orange County, seven varies design consultants, construction managers and contractors.
Due to the fact that so many entities and agencies involved and their support and cooperation is very critical to the success and delivery of OC Bridges Program.

Award Citation::

OCTA OC Bridges Program a major undertaking that started in 2009 and after eight years and $663.9 million dollars later is getting completed.  This is a tremendous achievement that required consistent support and dedication from OCTA Board, staff, federal and state governments, Orange County, cities of Anaheim, Placentia, Fullerton, BNSF, consultants and contractors.

Suggested Award Summary:

Orange County Transportation Authority, delivers a safety program that took eight years and $663.9 million dollars to improve a corridor in Orange County.  This is the OC Bridges Program that improved a BNSF railway corridor along Orangethorpe in Orange County.  Due to this program Orange County’s economy grows by providing safer vehicle and railroad crossings along the Orangethorpe Corridor in the cities of Anaheim, Fullerton and Placentia.


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