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Nominate your candidate for the 2018 awards by using the form below.

Submit one nomination form for each nominated candidate. There is no limit to the number of nominations that can be submitted. All submissions have a deadline of FRIDAY, JANUARY 11th, 2019. Please check all of the appropriate boxes and complete all required (*) information submittal requirements. The nominee must work for a company or organization that has an office in Orange County.

When preparing your nomination, it is recommended to first type your responses in Microsoft Word or a similar program and then copy and paste the responses into the entry fields on this page in order to prevent loss of information in the event of an internet interruption or other computer issue.

Please keep the combined file size under 25MB.

You should see a thank you message after submitting your nomination. If you don’t, please email Jeff Braun at [email protected]

Candidate Nominations

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Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Public Sector
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Community Service
Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private Sector
Outstanding Civil Engineer in Legislative Activities
Outstanding YMF Officer
Outstanding ASCE Faculty Advisor
Outstanding ASCE Life Member
Outstanding Younger Civil Engineer
Outstanding Civil Engineering Student
Lifetime Achievement Award
Excellence in Journalism
Excellence in Promotion of Infrastructure
Land Development Engineer of the Year

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