Past Presidents

ASCE Orange County Branch Past Presidents

1952—1953 Harold Springer (deceased)           1953—1954 Ralph McLean (deceased)          
1954—1955 George Osborne (deceased)          1955—1956 Ted Finster (deceased)                
1956—1957 Hugh Foreman                                1957—1958 Chester Schultz                          
1958—1959 Return Moore                                  1959—1960 Jim Ballinger (deceased)            
1960– 1961 Joe Truxaw (deceased)                   1961—1962 Floyd McLellan                            
1962—1963 Dwight Schreoder                            1963—1964 Art Beard 
1964—1965 Ray Woodside                                 1965—1966 Joe Brunner (deceased)            
1966—1967 Frank Hughes                                 1967—1968 Hank Mohle (deceased)                 
1968—1969 Doug Brown (deceased)                 1969—1970 George Madsen                        
1970—1971 Don Fix                                           1971—1972 Ron Wolford                                  
1972—1973 Jack Howe                                      1973– 1974 Carl Nelson                                  
1974—1975 Hugh Halderman (deceased)         1975—1976 Norm Spielman (deceased) 
1976—1977 Harold Wilson (deceased)              1977—1978 Fred Meier (deceased)                
1978—1979 Bill Stracker                                    1979—1980 Gary Dysart                                    
1980—1981 Warren Repke                                 1981—1982 Jack Norris                                  
1982—1983 Fred MacMurdo                               1983—1984 Bob Brock                                    
1984—1985 Tom Lake (deceased)                     1985—1986 Steve Marvin                                
1986—1987 Harvey Gobas                                 1987—1988 Thornton Piersall (deceased)
1988—1989 Dave Prasifka                                 1989—1990 Walt Nollac                                  
1990—1991 David Lee                                       1991—1992 Bill Hoey                                          
1992—1993 Iraj Poormand (deceased)              1993—1994 Lloyd Dalton                          
1994—1995 Derek McGregor                             1995—1996 Al Nestlinger                                  
1996—1997 C.T. Bathala                                    1997—1998 George Jurica                            
1998—1999 Allen Yourman                                 1999—2000 Tony Rahimian 
2000—2001 Neil Morrison                                    2001—2002 Don Currie                                  
2002—2003 Randall Berry                                   2003—2004 Sonia Nasser                                
2004—2005 Greg Heiertz                                    2005—2006 John Hogan                                   
2006—2007 Yazdan Emrani                                2007—2008 Darren Adrian                              
2008—2009 Ken Rosenfield                                2009—2010 Kathereen Shinkai                        
2010—2011 Ziad Mazboudi                                 2011—2012 Joshua Nelson
2012—2013 Tapas Dutta                                     2013—2014  Penny Lew

Branch was chartered in 1953


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Time For A New Beginning

It's time to go. The end of my year as serving as your president is upon us and I am pleased at the changes I have seen in .our branch this year.  Our luncn attendance is up remarkably. We even changed venues without too much hoopla-- from the hip Dave and Busters to the classy Sutton Place Hotel.  I am proud of all of you for being part of this change and participating in Branch activities more fully.

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Letter to the Editor July 1987

The latest initiative to appear on the political scene is the Citizen's Sensible Growth and Traffic Control Initiative, also known as the Qual1ty of Life Initiative. This initiative, which will probably appear on the June.l988 ballot, is an attempt to solve the County's traffic problems by llmiting growth. If passed, the initiative would bar most development or redevelopment in areas of the county where traffic at rush hour fa1led to move .at free-flow speeds of 30 to 35 mph, or where police, sheriff, fire and paramedic unlts fail to answer emergency calls within five minutes 85 percent of the time..The basic premise is that growth control and traffic, control go hand in hand. Since no one is willing to pay for and build infrastructure at the same pace of growth, advocates of this initiative propose that the best Solution is to slow growth to whatever pace we find comfortable.

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"You get what you pay for."

"You get what you pay for." Gabriel Biel 1425-1495 These words, spoken before Columbus ever set foot upon the American shore, continue to ring true. How, you may ask, does this apply to engineering? Simply stated, everything that is accomplished in the engineering marketplace has a cost associated with it. Compensation for engineering services should be based on the same principles applied to all other services available in society's marketplace. Unfortunately, many engineers have set up a professional road-block to this principle, by coming to expect greater service than they are willing to pay for.

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